Funding is collected via Liberapay by the SecureDrop Community.


All expenses are proposed and approved as follows:

  1. Someone posts a message in the forum asking for funds to be released.
  2. The request is discussed by active volunteers. A volunteer is an individual who does not receive any monetary compensation, either directly or indirectly for the work done on SecureDrop. A volunteer is active if they contributed in a quantifiable way to SecureDrop in the past six months.
  3. Ideally there is a consensus between the volunteers. If at least one volunteer asks for a vote, it is organized in the form of a yes or no question. The winner of the vote is the one that gets the most votes.
  4. After at least a week, a member of the funding team reviews the thread and either:
    • releases the funds as instructed if there are no objections or a vote decides in favor and adds a message to the thread; or
    • clearly explains why the funds cannot be released and what needs to be done before they can be released.
  5. The thread is closed.

Freedom of the Press Foundation

The Freedom of the Press Foundation also runs a SecureDrop fundraiser and decides how the collected funds are spent.